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Mig 29 retract fit kit
Product Code#:Mig29RK
Specially fit for our Mig 29 with Mini retract,



1x Nose wheel
1x Nose wheel strut
2x Main wheels
2x Main wheel strut
1x Nose former set including:
1x Forward former (3mm)
2x Retract plates (4mm)
1x Rear former (3mm)
2x Main former set with each including:
1x Forward former (3mm)
1x Rear former (3mm)
2x Support brace (3mm)
2x Retract plates (4mm)
1x Retract valve pushrod with clevis
1x Nose gear steering pull-pull cable
4x Crimp rings
2x Threaded couplers
2x Clevis
4x Wheel collar (3mm)
12x Retract mounting screws

Please download the manual from our download link
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