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Typhoon 650-68-1340 brushless motor
Product Code#:650681340
Specially for 9305 and Midi fan units

Price USD$109.00

Product Information:

-Diameter : 36 mm
-Length : 67.5 mm
-Shaft Dia. : 5 mm
-Weight : 300 grams
-Internal resistance: 17.5
-No load current (lo): 1.5
-Max efficiency: 88%
-Poles : 4
-No load KV : 1340
-Suggested lipo cells. : 10-12S
-Max amps: 120A (12S)
-Power Nominal: 4100 watts
-Thrust: 4.1 kgs (37.0V) / 5.6 kgs (44.4V)

Recommended advance timing : low (5-10 deg)

Specially designed for 9305 and Midi fan units

Comes with motor heatsink

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